On this page you can find all of mine social media that i own. For example Discord, Snapchat, Instagram.

Welcome on my social media page

Here you can find most of my social media platforms like Instragram, Linkdin, SnapChat, Discord, and so on. Some things are private and some another things aren't that private because you can just basicly google me and you found it so why not release it myself on the interwebs? Yes secure isn't it but I take that risk.


Hi there,
You can find me on Discord under the name "slaapkopamy#4202" or via pressing the button.


On Instagram you can find me under the name slaapkopamy like as my website name. But I don't post often stuff on my Instagram because I don't like it that much and me on pictures is most of the times a no go. But under the page you can find first of 8 pictures of my account.


I have an Linkedin account what I not always use because I don't know for what I can use it but if you want check it out then you are welcome.


You maybe know already that I'm a Twitch streamer so basicly you can find me on Twitch under the name Slaapkopamy if you press on the first button you go to my Twitch channel. The Second button you go to my Twitch page here on the website.


You can find me on SnapChat under the name "amy.coskun". But I don't accept everyone so don't be sad if I don't accept you. If I'm live on Twitch you can maybe ask if I want to accept you maybe I accept you. (This is prevent bots and fuck boys/girls).


Its fun when People are going stalk you because i ignored someone for a reason... Like common guys Let me live my life and fuck off in my dm's asking if im now happier then before. I was before happy and still happy so fuck off if you trying to break me or going trash talk by other People and saying i didn't do that.


Hi all happy New year, last 24 hours i did a first 24h stream. It was going great with no much down time or afk time. Its bad for the People Who Said they going support me but not really supported. Good to know...


Ik lijk misschien niet ziek maar ben dus al een week overprikkeld. Te hoge spierspanning, gevoelig voor fel licht, gevoelig voor veel of harde geluiden.. Basicly ik zou met deze omstandigheden dus niet kunnen werken en daarom zit ik nu ook even thuis :/


Sommige mensen die gebruiken een verwarmed dekens. Ik? Ik gebruik mijn laptop om mijn deken op te warmen :)


Volgende week krijg ik te horen hoe of wat. Of ik binnenkort aan de hormonen mag en dus eindelijk mijn naam permanent kan wijzigen naar Amy of dat ik dus weer moet wachten voor een volgende gesprek


Live on #twitch #rdronline