Welcome on!

Hi my name is Amy Coskun and this is mine personal website :). Here on you can find most things about me, for example who I am or what for projects I'm at this moment running. At the moment the website is still in beta so you will see some strange things on it or some things not working well. But I'm working on like working on my English grammatic :P.


Hi there,
I'm Amy 20 years old and an dutch streamer but meanwhile just an IT girl at an highschool in the Netherlands. On mine about page you can read most things about me, what I'm doing and who I am.


Hi there,
You can read on the blog page some posts what I do in my life and in compressed text where I'm going go through with my life as transgender and an person with Autism with TOS (Taal Ontwikkeling Stoornis). It will not be perfect english but I'm learning via the slow road how to learn it :)


Hi on the projects page you can see all my current projects who are finished or just still in progress like this website :). Just little bit promotion for it right? :P