Who I am?

You can read here little bit biography about me.

About me

Hi there, I'm Amy what you could read on the begin page and I'm 21 years old Dutch streamer on Twitch.tv. This website about me and mine life as transgender and "normal" person. So here you can read little bit in a long story who I am and what I do for living or what mine hobby's are. I want to use this website too as a portofolio / CV, because many people ask me what I really doing with web development or anything sort of development so I want it show it of on here.

You already asking yourself I think what the life is of being a transgender or how hard it is or something. Yes the life it self is hard but the hole point of it is self accepting who you are if you don't accept yourself then you can't blame someone else who aren't accepting you it always or maybe always accepting yourself so basicly looking at yourself then looking to someone else. My story begins when I was 10 or seomthing I got the thoughs some how that I was or being living in the wrong body as the wrong person. I didn't know what this was until some years later thanks to google I got to know what kinda of thougts it was and still I didn't nothing to do it. End of 2012 (I was 13 or something) I came for the first time in my life I did a coming out to an friend it wasn't happy exprience because she didn't accept me maybe because I wasn't ready for it.. This put me back in the closet and I got a really long dreppesion searching and searching for myself who I was or who I am. I got the thoughts if I was gay or bi or whatever what else but that wasn't the case over the years because I wasn't accepting myself until a schoolmate told me late in night one day that she had the thoughts of being a boy since then I knew I wasn't alone with the same thoughts in this world and starting to accept myself via a hard and long way, In 2014 I did again a coming out unplanned to an best friend on workweek with some people with school. Before that I had already told it to someone I could trust in school (teacher) and I wasn't sure about it or I wasn't accepting myself I don't know really that well. But the coming out was great and was really unplanned. I felt happy on that moment and the hole trip in Köln yeah we where there and was amazing :) later in the months I told it to more people and more and more and so on. I was accepting myself more and more. I don't know when I choosed my name Amy but I know I was watching a movie named D.E.B.S and someone in that movie was named Amy and I liked that name so I choosed that name. In 2014 I did a coming out to all of mine classmates it was planned but there was something going wrong and someone else told it already so yeah it wasn't what I hoped it was but I did a coming out. I told my mother before that what I was feeling and who I was but she didn't really do much or something but she is accepting me. End of 2017 I started the progress of doing the transitie (I don't know I spelled it right). It is still on going progress and I want update you with it via the blogs. < This was then a short version of my transgender begin so where it was beginning of it now I'm here doing sometimes a month some livestreams when I feeling myself and good enough to put it online. I'm not going back to when I was born and how my life was back in the days because no one wants to know that kind of story right? I don't want to tell it either.

So you know little bit of a back story of my life as a transgender where it begins with. But I haven't tell you I have aslo autism (ADD and PDD-NOS) there on I have TOS too but I don't know how I can describe TOS in english. I have my diagnose of autism since 2007 and I can live really easy with it only sometimes I have some trouble with doing things or for example phone calls are for me the big troubles so I always try it to get it working. TOS is more a thing with language I have problems with some things with speaking or writing somethings reading too but that rarely. So if you don't understand me then ask what I mean. Or if if you reading faults in the text here on the page then just say it but don't say it on the way as an grammernazi since thats not nice. Being a transgender is hard but being a transgender + autism who can't explain there feelings or expose them, then it is harder then normal. In my eyes.

Now I told my back story for so far I can tell you what my hobby's are and what for work I'm doing. I like to make websites I really want make it from strech but then it takes YEARS for even get one page so I decided to edit templates to my own taste. I use for this website octobercms with vanilla theme I will put somewhere the credits of it but for now I deleted it I think? Sorry.. I'm going make a project page where I put all my projects on it this website, another website, another project where I'm working on etc.. So you can see what for kinda work I have done or what I'm doing. Development is an hobby and not something where I earn my money from it. Outside the development area I do as hobby server management, I own an dedicated server rented by Soyourstart.com so I can develop myself further with linux and windows servers. If I don't know something or I get an error then I will search it on google since yeah google is our best friend right? I use myself an ad blocker on my browser since every website on the interwebs are using alot of ads.. It is not right to fill your page with important content with thousands of ads. Sorry.
My other hobby's are gaming and streaming on twitch.tv. Outside of gaming and streaming I love food and sleeping :).

I work on a high school as an IT girl my job is helping teachers and students with there computer problems. And I like doing the job.