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Let me introduce myself

Hi there, I'm Amy Coskun also known as SlaapkopAmy,
I'm a transgender, from male to female, with autism.
I was born on Thursday 18th of June 1998, so I'm 23 years old. As one of my main hobby's and something I really like to do is gaming and sometimes I stream live on Twitch.
As for now I don't have a job, except for working on myself since that to me is more important then earning my own money.

My community build

I’m building a community named “Leger Der Slaapkoppen” in English it would be like “Army of Sleepyheads”, I run this community via Discord for my Twitch livestreams. Via my Discord you can see when I’m live, when I post new blogs or even when I give shout outs to good friends who really support me in my life. My goal is to have a nice friendly community running where you can talk about yourself, make jokes about things or even make new friends. You are allowed to join my Discord freely via the pink Discord name.

Together with friends I also run another community named PotatoSquad, we are active on SocialClub from Rockstar Games, Battlelog from EA and the PlayStation network community. You are free to join them too and we created this to find new people to game with or talk to. The links for one of the communities you can find in my Discord or on my Twitch stream when I’m live.


As I said I'm transgender, from male to female. In this section I'm going to tell you about from the beginning, how did I knew about it and how I knew it for sure that I'm transgender.

Since around the time that I was 8 or 9 years old I got the feeling that there was something wrong with me. I knew already for years I was different then other people around me but around that time I got the thoughts what if I was a girl. I didn’t really do anything about it then, I kept it on the side in my life. I'm not sure why I didn’t do much about it but maybe this came from that I lived in a bad neighborhood, as in they didn’t really accepted LGBT people..

Around December 2012 I did my first coming out to a friend about being a transgender.. I can tell you it didn’t go well.. After this I started to doubt about it, if I’m transgender and stuff. I started to search stuff on the internet, reading all sorts of stuff, some of which could be dangerous for me at that age. If I’m right I was around 13 / 14 years old back then. It also helped me further in my depression, wich caused me not to go to school or even get out of my bed. There literally were people saying I was addicted to gaming, but that wasn’t the case.

In this period of depression I wasn’t accepting myself as transgender or anything else I thought what I was. I was thinking that I was bisexual but that wasn’t the case, even though I had liked some boys.. This has a reason because of my dark history…
Thanks to an old friend I was not feeling “alone” in the world anymore. This friend was feeling the same thing and they told it to me, except it was the other way around, from female to male. Thanks to them it was okay to be a transgender.

In end 2013 I registered myself on the website called “Jongenout.nl” it’s a Dutch LGBT website for people under 19 years old. On that website I met amazing people, a few people on that website I still have contact with. Thanks to this platform I could get myself out of the depression and willing to do a coming out in public for everyone as transgender. I stayed on this platform for 5 years until I got too old..
Mid 2014 around May / June I did my second coming out very unplanned to a best friend of mine. This was in the week we had a workweek with school to Köln – Germany, I just said to him that I wanted be a girl and he reacted really supportive to it. So after that I took the risk and did a “safe” coming out to multiple close friends. Some of them are just a stupid assholes and told other people or they still call me, now when things have changed in 2020, “he or my dead name.” These kind of people I dumped in the trashcan.

January 2015 I did my 3rd coming out to my whole class. After this I did a public coming out to almost everyone except family (aunts/uncles/cousins) this has multiple reasons one of them being I don’t have contact with them. I’m not sure if I got some hate back then, but probably there where people after I said to them that I’m transgender that probably broke contact with me. It’s sad but I don’t care about them.

October 2016 I got the referral from my doctor to register myself to the VUmc (gender clinic). Only thing I didn’t know what to do or how to register myself until February 2017 where I saw on the website I needed to send the referral to their address. It took around 3 or 4 months to get me a conformation that I’ll be getting treated by them. December 12th 2017 I got my intake by the VUmc and they confirmed that I have gender dysphoria. From the intake to actually treatment it took 6 to 7 months.. they said 6 weeks.. so yeah I started the progress on 29th June 2018. On December 12th 2019 I got a conformation call that I was allowed to take the hormone treatment.

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