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Mental health update

Well... Today is all about my mental health and my current situation. Keep in mind that I don't have EVERYTHING included.

Laser treatment (part 2)

Welcome to laser treatment (part 2), Today I'm talking about the follow up of my first post about the laser treatments and how it's going with it.

How am I doing?

Just a little update post on personal matter and how my transition is doing.

Personal matter

This blog will contain sensitive subjects what’s going on in my life and what my current situation is. If you are sensitive to sensitive subjects then I RECOMMEND not to read this blog.

Laser treatment

Today in our blog post I'm telling about my first laser treatment and the intake about it. It's going be a fun journey!

The next step

In this blog post I'm to tell you about my first step of the hormone treatment.

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Mental health update
Dec 26, 2021
How am I doing?
May 22, 2021

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