How am I doing?

Just a little update post on personal matter and how my transition is doing.

Hi there,

It's been a long time since I written another blog post about myself or about my transition, today will be all on how I'm doing and how the transition is going. So basicly a short status update I think?
So shall we start?


It's been awhile since I made a post about my transition so I have a bit to write about right now. Currently I'm 1 year, 4 months and 2 days on female hormones also with testorone blockers, it's going okay with it no strange complications with it only that my weight is skyrocketted with 70% but that has another factors to it too, so it's important to do some any kind of workouts.
Another thing what I have noticed that my breasts are growing, at this point I should start wearing a bra but I don't know where to ask advice about it.

My lasertreatments are going well, I have few little complications like that one side of my face got irritated and since my last treatment in May I use special face cream to make it less irritated, Also it's going be summer soon so I should start wearing sunscreen (I should do that already after the first treatment but I don't like sunscreen).

Mental health

My mental health is still not okay but I will start soon with therapy and hoping that the new company can help me with my PTSD problems.. I asked around by my friends who have kinda the same thing as me and asked them how they deal with their PTSD and got few tips what I can use and it will help me for sure to progress the trauma's a bit easier, I'm not talking about the standard tips like have a good night sleep or go out of bed early and do stuff through the day.. That's just not possible with my current state.
One tip I can give is be open about your trauma's if you have someone where you can talk to (best to be a therapist), I mean as in the little details about the trauma. Also don't force it take your time forcing things will make it worsen then what it was. But be aware, there are people out there who will make abuse of your trauma's or triggers.

There will be probably people asking themselfs why I don't stream anymore that often or what happened to my plannings and it's just very hard for me currently to stream live on Twitch. I put down a little schedule on my Twitch page but I don't think the times are working for me since I kinda wake up around that times. I'm also not feeling to do afternoon / night streams because my sleep schedule WILL be fucked up. The best way to know if I'm streaming is by joining my Discord server, also is the best way to contact me.
I Will do on June 18th 2021 a 24 hour livestream for my Bday it's still planned and I'm looking out for it. :)

I'm still greatfull about the few friends who support me no matter what's going on, also made few new friends where I can talk to no matter what time it is. And yes there is still a very special person in my life, I don't ever want loose her. :)

Thank you for reading my blog post :)
You can find my Discord server by pressing on me.

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