Mental health update

Well... Today is all about my mental health and my current situation. Keep in mind that I don't have EVERYTHING included.

Hello all,

In today's blog I'm going talk about my mental health and give you guys a small update on the situation of my mental health.

The current situation
My current situation sucks very badly, reason for that is I have again a lot of nightmares and a lot of triggers or triggering events. Most of the time I try to ignore the triggering events but I can't ignore my nightmares at all... There is no turn off switch sadly for that :(

Most of my current days (I'm talking about the last 3 weeks) I'm very tired and I sleep A LOT of hours some days even in total of 15 hours yes I wake up some times for 10 minutes and then I sleep futher, if you think that is a fun life to live with it then you are wrong.

Also currently I lost most of my motivation to do anything I have many tasks that I want to do on a day but I end up doing like only 1 or 2 tasks and most of the time is just watching some old shows and eating food.. :(
You would think oh Amy that is just easy just go outside or go to the store, or whatever things people are saying... It's total not easy.. Everything what I did 2 years ago is currently shutdowned because of covid and trying out new things won't work at all because I don't have the energy for that or people that I know willing to do those new things with me.. You probably thinking well Amy you can always go the gym right? Sadly all the gym's in close radius of a kilometer is very expensive, in total is 3 gym's 2 are from 40 euros each month and 1 is 42,50 euros each month or something in that manners but that one is also 24/7 open in normal times. And you probably already know but I don't have that money currently while I wished I had it tho :(

Keep in mind that I don't tell few things in my blogs or showing it to the outside world because I don't want to have wanna be idiots who are trying to help but end up making things worse then it already is...

Thanks for reading :)

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