Laser treatment (part 2)

Welcome to laser treatment (part 2), Today I'm talking about the follow up of my first post about the laser treatments and how it's going with it.

Hi all,

It's been awhile since I posted an update about my laser treatments..
So in today's post you can read all about my progress since it's been longer than a year that I started with the treatment.

1 year later
It's now 1 year and few months later since I started with the face hair removal via laser treatments and it's doing great, I'm currently on my 14th treatment I think, and the hair is growing back very slowly now. I'm not sure how many treatments I still need to get but it starts less hurting now, so that is a good sign I think?

Of course, it's still a lot of money that I need to pay monthly and yes I get it back (not if it's January, February and March) and that takes normally a week to get it back or sometimes even longer... It's a big pain because I'm on a limited budget... If you are wondering how much I currently pay per treatment, that is 109 Euros... So, if you are considering for those treatments then keep in mind that it cost a lot of money sadly...

You are probably wondering, Hey Amy do you have any pictures of after treatment?
Well that is a good question, you can find some pictures of it on my Instagram but if you want a direct link to the picture then here we go:
Press on me to see the picture

Will there be more pictures coming?
If I don't forget to post it then yes there will be.

If you have any other questions for me, then you can find me via the contact form or via my Discord server and of course all my other social media platforms :)

Have a nice day!

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