Laser treatment

Today in our blog post I'm telling about my first laser treatment and the intake about it. It's going be a fun journey!

Hello people,
Welcome back by another blog post about my transition. Today is all about my first laser treatment for my face.
First of all I'm saying yes it hurts so its not pain free this treatments.

Begin August
On Wednesday 5 August I had my intake by the skin clinic where they do the laser treatments. They asked me some basic questions about if my skin heal normally from scratches / wounds or like that and my answer was of course yes since I cut myself that day before with shaving.. whoops.. They explained me how the treatment works and its basically just a light source what’s going be over your face to shoot light in your hair bags in your skin. This is for killing the hair cells, first they going shave you before the treatment (you need to shave yourself 2 days before the treatment) this is so the laser gets in the hair bags and not the outside layer. They told me that I'm not allowed to go lay in the sun after the treatment because you can burn really badly after it.
On the day of the intake they said my skin and hair color was perfect for the treatment, my skin color is very white / blank and my hair color is dark brown. So if I had blond hair then I couldn't take the laser treatment.

You would probably ask yourself how many treatments do you need minimal and how much does it cost? I need to take minimal of 10 treatments every 6 weeks and it cost € 109 per treatment that’s pretty much a lot if you need to pay it yourself. I don't need to pay it 100% myself just after treatment I need to pay it then I can go to my healthcare company to get the money back. Since they given me the permission that I get the money back. This is not for all healthcare companies in The Netherlands but since I meet a number of conditions I get it back.

First treatment
On Wednesday 26 August I had my first treatment for the face. I was pretty nervous that whole week about it and how’s it was going feel or even how is going be like. The tension in my body with the laser treatment didn't really go that well since every time the light shoots in the hair bags I felt the pain go through my toes and that hurts 2 times more then it should be.. The person who gives my treatment had made a shaving cut on my chin so after the laser came in the area it really hurts as hell, I hope with my next treatment on 7 October it is less painful then my first time.

Thank you for taking your time to read it. There is coming a second post about the treatments that is planned for over 6 or 8 months and then after that post it will be coming a final post about it with the end result. :)

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