The next step

In this blog post I'm to tell you about my first step of the hormone treatment.

Hi all,

Welcome to my first personal blog post about my next steps in my transition from male to female. In this blog I'm to tell you about the start of my hormone treatment and the way I have choosen to walk the path for changing my life.

Thursday 12th December 2019
The 12th of December 2019 I got a phone call with the notification that I can start with hormone treatment, first they said I couldn't start untill Febuary 2020. But after a week I got a phone call again with the announcement that I can start with hormone treatment on Monday January 20th of 2020. So that was a really happy day for me. :)

Monday 20th January 2020
Monday 20th of Janaury was one of my favorite days of 2020 because they allowed me to start with the hormone treatment. On this day I had an appointment with the doctors and other people from the VUmc (Vrije Universteit medische centrum) for starting with the hormone treatment. Basically what happens on this day is they check your lenght, weight, how much power you have and so on. With this data they calculate it back to the gender you want to be. They have checked my blood for getting default values, to check on the next blood test if they changed.
I can tell you that I have choosen for waiting 2 years before going through with an operation on my body. This is because I need to sort some other things before going on with my life. And I have autism too so if it happens too fast, then I'm not going function well again, so thats why I choose to wait 2 years before getting operations. Of course I can say earlier that I want the operations, but we'll see when that time comes.

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